My Internship

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[Fri, 03/02/2012 - 08:06]

"I came to VYVOJ Martin, a.s. determined to imrpove my experience in an international company because I wanted to be a Translator and the perfect way to do this was to add a prestigious reference to my CV – you cant get much better than that. My duties involved technical translations and proof-reading as well as market research, I was encouraged--even compelled- by colleagues to take all that I’ve learned in VYVOJ Martin, a.s. to the outside world, and  my experience has really taught me to become a more active and professional member of the public, not just in a business-sense but also as a more developed person. The best thing about the internship was that almost every day, you’re helping someone and making a difference, and people are so grateful,. sometimes they’ll stop you in the corridor and thank you, and that makes you feel so good about yourself. I would encourage anybody to take the chance to intern in VYVOJ Martin, a.s. not only to improve your career prospects, but also to learn how a major company operates on a day-to-day basis.“

- Mattew Nicol (Great Britain)

*If interested in the internship, please contact us on tel. no. 00421 905 229 306 or e-mail:

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