The company VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. is a member of the MSM GROUP s.r.o. group, which was established in 2015. It covers important companies operating in the field of defense and civil industry. As of December 1, 2021, the original company VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. merged with the company MSM Banská Bystrica, a.s.

In 1954, together with the introduction of licensed tank production in Turčianske strojárne in Martin, a development center was established, whose task is to replace some components and materials from domestic production and to respond to customer and service requests. In 1964, the independent Development Plant 010 was established, where a new development department of mobile cranes was opened with the first AV 15 on an 8-wheel platform in production. In addition to engineering application projects for the manufactured T-72 tank, the development team also deals with the field of special technology - new BVP, OT and TATRAPAN vehicles.

After the delimitation of the production of agricultural tractors of the UR IV series from Zetor Brno, separate development departments of engines and transmissions are established. The department of earthmoving machinery acquired experience and innovative skills for its own projects in the field of civil production, and in 1987 separate product departments of forest technology, mining locomotives and experimental test rooms were established. In 1981, ZTS VVÚ Martin acquires legal personality and becomes the leader of the scientific research base of VHJ ZTS. As early as 1982, he acquired the first 10 2D CAD graphic stations, which marked the beginning of the demise of classic design boards in the workplaces of designers and constructors.

The year 1992 brought the incorporation of ZTS VVÚ Martin into DMD holding. After the collapse of the production of special equipment, engines, agricultural tractors, earthmoving and construction machinery, forestry equipment in Martin, Dubnica, Detva and mining locomotives in Hlumin nad Hronom, the development capacities are also rapidly reduced. In 1998, on the basis of ZTS VVÚ Martin, a. with. constitutes a new company VÝVOJ Martin, a. s., to which most of the original employees also transfer. In 2004, the company VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. privatized by SITNO HOLDING a.s. and subsequently restructured. In addition to the product department of machines for road and highway maintenance, a program of development and production of industrial positioners, communication armored containers and defense technology in the form of the application of TATRAPAN and RG32 vehicles and a new 8-wheeled vehicle platform is being created.

The state enterprise Letecké opravovne Banská Bystrica was established in 1947. Its operation and development were directly related to the development of aviation in Czechoslovakia. From the beginning, the company focused on electrotechnical production, repair and service of special military equipment of aviation ground equipment for control and dispatch centers of air defense, remote control systems, meteorological equipment and, for a short time, also the production of ultralight aircraft.

After drastic changes in the market in the nineties, the company was gradually transformed into a joint-stock company in 2006. In 2009, based on the decision of MOSR, it merged with VOP Trenčín, a. with. In 2014, he was incorporated into MSM Martin, p. r. about. as an operation in Banská Bystrica.

MSM Banská Bystrica, a.s. engaged in the design and production of container solutions according to the individual requirements of its clients, NARASYS radio navigation systems for civil and military air traffic control, mobile air traffic control towers. It also provided repairs and modernization of various types of special equipment of the Slovak Armed Forces with a main focus on radar technology, air defense and air traffic services.