Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing

Provision of services in the field of material preparation

Production consists of the following centres:

Laser cutting centre equipped with TRULASER 3030 technology

  • Low degradation of mechanical properties due to very narrow thermal zone
  • Emphasis on adherence to strict dimensional tolerances
  • Guarantee of the surface quality of the cutting surfaces of the components


Working area:

x-axis       3000 mm

y-axis       1500 mm

z-axis       115 mm


Maximum sheet thicknesses:

Structural steel 15 mm

Stainless steel 12 mm

Aluminium alloy 8 mm


Forming centre with TRUBEND 5170 technology

  • High precision of bent parts in synergy with CNC control
  • Programming of the machine in the design office in TruBend



Pressing force 1700 kN

Boundary length 3230 mm