Container constructions

Container constructions

VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. designs, manufactures and supplies special container buildings of various types with spatial division equipped with technology for military and civilian purposes.

The production of containers is in the following applications:

telecommunication purposes,
standby sources of electricity,
management and command workplaces,
extended workplaces,
mobile showers,
assembly and rescue workplaces,
delaboration container for the disposal of ammunition.
Containers can be equipped with:
EMI/EMC protection,
electricity generator, UPS and the relevant electrical installation,
air conditioning,
sanitary facility,
security and fire protection system,
communication and control technology,
other equipment according to customer requirements.

The standard supplied containers are 20', 30' and 40' in length, but they can also be made in other dimensions according to the customer's wishes. Containers can also be delivered with a carrier or a container trailer, which further expands the operating space and the possibilities of their use.

Designation and parameters of transport containers
width (m) height (mm) load (lb)
12 1A 1AA 1AAA 1AX 67,200
9 1B 1BB 1BBB 1BX 56,000
6 1C 1CC - 1CX 52,900
3 1D - - 1DX 22,400
2438 mm 2591 mm 2896 mm › 2438 mm

*Containers are stackable