Container power generators

Container power generators

In conditions where access to the electricity grid is not possible, the use of a container power generator as a power source is a great solution.

The power generator created by us has a power of 120 kW and is located in a technological source ISO 1C container. Its construction is welded from trapezoidal steel profiles. The floor is designed as an impermeable catch basin.

The entire container is soundproofed, the ventilation openings are protected by IP 65 cover flaps. It is equipped with a box for tools and accessories, internal lighting, a TOTAL STOP safety emergency button, a 400V/16A mounting socket and other elements according to customer requirements. Its control is semi-automatic, it can be operated by one person.

This equipment is designed to accommodate normal military handling of pressurization using a crane and hook loader. It is capable of continuous operation when connected to an external fuel tank.

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