Explosive reactive armour – ERA NEXREARM

Explosive reactive armour – ERA NEXREARM

The company VÝVOJ MARTIN, a.s. used its many years of experience in the development of applications for T-72, MT-72 and VT-72 tanks and created a new version of explosive reactive armor - ERA NEXREAM. We define this product as a passive means of tank defense.

The principle of its operation consists in the explosion of the charge in the block when the tank is hit by an enemy missile. Its result is minimizing the devastating effect of the rocket and significantly reducing the penetration of the tank's armor.

The ERA NEXREAM system was successfully tested against missiles:

9M-13 Competition ATGM
BK-14M 125mm HEAT-FS
AGAT 122mm Cluster HEAT

Positive preliminary results were also recorded in anti-missile testing:

Cornet E ATGM
The ERA NEXREAM system is flexible and can be adapted for any type of tank.

We can make the blocks themselves in various sizes. They are designed in such a way that they provide protection when attacked from different angles and heights. Their design prevents the detonation transition between individual blocks. They are resistant to fragments and incendiary projectiles, which do not damage them and trigger the detonation of the charge. 1 person can replace them directly in the field. They can be used in the temperature range from +70 °C to -40 °C. Their minimum lifespan is 10 years with the possibility of extension.

We will prepare and tailor the entire solution to the requirements of each customer.

We will provide more information at info@vyvoj.sk